Cisco Webex Teams Recording

Users can record meetings locally on their desktop when:


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  1. First: How to Create a Cisco Webex Recording. Before you can get a transcript of your Webex meeting you must record it. Because Webex is designed to be used from almost any device, you can record on the go, even without a lot of preparation. To record your Webex meeting, follow these steps: 1.
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Cisco Webex Teams Recording Location

Cisco Webex Teams Recording
  • They're the host of a Cisco Webex Personal Room Meeting in Webex.

  • They're the host of a scheduled Webex meeting in Webex.

  • They're a member of the space where the Webex meeting is taking place and they belong to the same organization as the meeting sponsor. The space must have the appropriate meeting capabilities .

They must also join using the audio on their computer to record the meeting locally.

Whiteboards that are shared in a meeting and files shared using Share > File aren't included in recordings.


Local recordings and disclaimers must each be enabled for your site in order to see these features in Site Administration. If you don't see either of these features, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) .

Cisco Webex Teams Recording App


Sign in to Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options .


In the Site Options section, check Enable local recording for Webex to allow users to save recordings directly onto their computers.


To have a disclaimer appear before locally recording a meeting as an MP4 file, select Show disclaimer for local recording (MP4 only) , and enter a URL link to your organization's privacy guidelines in the text field.

Users must accept the disclaimer before they can record meetings locally on their desktop.


Choose to save local recordings as MP4 files.

Local recordings in Webex save as MP4 files. WRF files aren't supported.


Select Update .