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I've been busy working on a new low content book. I was hoping to have it published before Black Friday, but that's not going to happen since I'm only halfway through it. It turned how to be more time consuming than I initially expected.

Sometimes when I'm working on a big project, I tend to ignore everything else. I don't like doing that because then I feel like I'm slacking.

I'm doing better this time around with making progress on my KDP book while still keeping up on my essential tasks. This is because I have a list of “Daily Must Do's” that help remind me of what needs to be done.

I use Evernote to store my Daily Must Do's and everything else that I need to do or remember – project notes, appointments, goals, etc.

In today's post, I'll go over my to-do list and show you how to create one yourself.


Evernote To-do List

Evernote TO-Do List Part #1: Weekly Planning

My to-do list starts with one of my favorite quotes – “Better Done than Perfect.” This serves as a reminder that for some tasks, it's better to work fast and move on than spending hours on making it perfect.

The first two sections are for my daily, weekly, and monthly planning:

I have the Daily Must Do's in its own section rather than listing each daily task in the Monday – Sunday sections. This keeps my weekly calendar clean and uncluttered. Also, it's less overwhelming viewing a short daily to-do list than a long one.


I treat my projects the same way as I do my Daily Must Do's. I only list the project name (such as KDP) in the weekly calendar, and then I break down the specific tasks and notes in another section. Here is what my KDP section looks like:


January 2021 is an excellent time for goal planning. You can add a goals section to your to-do list too:

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EVERNOTE TO-DO LIST PART #4: Employee or Virtual Assistants

Some of you may have employees or VAs that you manage. You can assign tasks to each person:

Evernote Todoist

3 Reasons Why this To-Do List Works

Over the years, I tested different to-do list systems from scratch pieces of paper, lined notebooks, fancy physical planners, Google Docs, and Asana. As much as I tried, I never could find one method that was perfect for me.

I'm hoping this is the perfect to-do list. I've been using it for over a month and like it because:

  1. It's simple to add, move, edit, and delete sections and tasks.
  2. It has checkboxes so I can check off items as I complete them.
  3. Everything from my small daily tasks to my big annual goals is on one page.

How to Create a To-Do List in Evernote

I made a quick video that shows you how you can create a to-do list in Evernote:

I hope this post helps you if you're struggling with your current to-do list.

To Do List Evernote

Take care,

Evernote Todo List


Evernote Todo Integration

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