Github Readme Formatting Online

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Git Readme Formatting

Github profile readme

StackEdit can:

Example Github Readme a simple online markdown editor. 开源在线 Markdown 编辑器. Centering and aligning images in GitHub readmes using the deprecated HTML align attribute: This works in any markdown file, such as a GitHub file. It relies on the deprecated HTML align attribute, but still works fine. It looks like that GitHub fetch description meta tag randomly from somewhere in readme.MD, my question is if this can be controlled and defined somehow in readme.MD? I want to define what goes into meta title and meta description and see this in google results.

GitHub is a website that lets you post your code so you can keep it organized and share it with other people. It’s a little bit like social media for coders, and it’s a great way to show off your code and to see what other folks are working on. GitHub profile READMEs let you customize your GitHub profile and make it your own. A quick outline of a GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Github Readme Code

  • Manage multiple Markdown documents online or offline
  • Export your documents in Markdown or HTML and format it using a template
  • Synchronize your Markdown documents in the Cloud
  • Edit existing Markdown documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and your local hard drive
  • Post your Markdown document on Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr
  • Publish your Markdown document on GitHub, Gist, Google Drive, Dropbox or any SSH server
  • Share a link to a Markdown document that renders it in a nice viewer
  • Show statistics about your document
  • Convert HTML to Markdown


Github Readme Formatting Online

How To Write Readme Github

  • Real-time HTML preview with Scroll Link feature to bind editor and preview scrollbars
  • Markdown Extra support and Prettify/Highlight.js syntax highlighting
  • LaTeX mathematical expressions using MathJax
  • WYSIWYG control buttons
  • Configurable layout
  • Theming support with multiple themes available
  • A la carte extensions
  • Offline editing
  • Online synchronization using Google Drive and Dropbox
  • One click publish on Blogger, Dropbox, Gist, GitHub, Google Drive, SSH server, Tumblr, WordPress


Github Readme Formatting Online Tool

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