How To Clean My Laptop Memory

Restarting your PC will also completely clear the RAM and restart all running processes. While this obviously won't increase the maximum RAM available, it will clean up processes running in the background that could be eating up your memory. Open the Disk Utility and erase your built-in hard disk. Make sure to select the disk, not the volume name listed beneath it. Then select MacOS Extended (Journaled) format and quit Disk Utility. After your hard drive is encrypted — or if you don't need to encrypt it — you can use Windows to wipe your PC, setting it back to its factory defaults. Click the Start button and click. Open Start menu and choose Settings. On the Settings menu, tap on System. Tap on Apps & features on the left side menu. Tap on the application and choose Uninstall option. Low computer memory Excel (A low memory message may block your attempts to save an Excel file) Low computer memory for gaming (Saving a lot of gaming data may trigger this error) These reasons may not be the only ones as there are several others.

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Do you think it is necessary to keep the virtual memory automatically managed by the computer system or manually set by yourself on your PC? If you think it is needless to keep it because the physical memory (RAM) of your PC is enough for you to use, you can clear it on the computer. For your review, this text will introduce how to clear virtual memory in Windows 8 computer with legible pictures.

Video guide on how to clear virtual memory on Windows 8:

Steps to clear virtual memory in Windows 8 laptop or desktop:

Step 1: Open System Properties.

To open it, you can use the methods in How to Open System Properties on Windows 8 Computer.

Step 2: In Advanced menu, select Settings in Performance.

How to clean up my laptop memory

BTW, in the Performance, you are able to make changes to visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory of the computer.

Step 3: As the Performance Options window pops up, choose Advanced and click Change button in Virtual memory.

How To Clean My Laptop Ram

Step 4: Select No paging file and tap Set in Virtual Memory window.

This step is a little different under two circumstances.

1. If the virtual memory is automatically managed by the system, you are required to uncheck the box before Automatically manage paging file size for all drives to cancel the default selection, and then choose No paging file and click Set, as the following screen shot shows.

2. Suppose the virtual memory is set manually, you can directly select No paging file and tap Set.


Step 5: In the following prompt box, choose Yes to disable the paging file and continue.

Deep Clean Computer Memory

Step 6: Click OK when the paging file size is changed to None.

Step 7: Tap OK in the next window which asks you to restart your computer, and then go to restart your PC.

After restarting, as shown in the screen shot below, the paging file size becomes 0 MB. That is to say, the virtual memory is cleared successfully.

Best Laptop Memory Reviews

Later, you are also capable of setting virtual memory on your PC.

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