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Discover names of songs and artists performing them by playing the track to a magical app

Shazam for Windows 8 is a versatile application that can identify the songs you’re listening to by using a simple microphone. It uses the Shazam service in order to accomplish the purpose and works. Lucy Liu has joined the cast of Shazam 2 as villain Kalypso, Variety reports. Kalypso is the sister of Hespera, the character Helen Mirren was announced to be playing in March. Yes, Shazam has been discontinued, as of Feb. 7, 2017,and no longer appears in the Microsoft App Store as an available download. However the good news is that; Shazam will continue to work until or unless it becomes incompatible with a different version of Microsoft’s operating system.

Download shazam app freeWhen you hear a new song on the radio or from any other source and you have no idea about the title or who is the singer, there is a mobile app to help you find these details.
All you have to do is quickly pull out your Windows Phone, open this utility and Shazam! You will have the answer in no time.

Great looks and smart organization of the content

The beautiful interface of this app is accompanied by a simple and well thought layout, which ensures you will can get to the necessary information in a few swipes. The menu navigation is seamless and the images displayed inside Shazam are of the highest quality.
The track information is presented in a friendly manner and well organized, as the tags appear in the order in which they were added. Thus, from the My Shazam section you can check out the song and artist names, as well as the exact date and time you Shazamed that music track,
The live tile is a welcomed addition because it will enable yo to view at a glance, right from the Start screen, which was the last song identified with the help of this application.

Tap and play to work the magic

Operating Shazam could hardly be simpler and the main functionality of the app can be accessed with one tap, regardless of the menu you are currently in. Basically, all you will have to do is press the button in the middle of the screen and make sure the music is loud enough and the handset close to the source so as the sound can be detected by the microphone and sent to the application.
In a matter of seconds, the result will be displayed and you will see the name of that song and of the performing artist(s). There are also some quick links to help you get the song from Xbox Music, view the lyrics or check out some of the video clips that are available on YouTube.

Quick sharing abilities

You can easily let your friends know about any song that you successfully identified with the help ofShazam using the built-in sharing capabilities that the app offers.Thus, you have the possibility to send the reference link from Shazam's database through an SMS quick message, via email or using one of the social services you subscribed to.
Unfortunately, not all the tracks you play to this app can be recognized because even if the database is continuously expanding, some songs are still left out. Also, for others the lyrics and album art are missing, mainly because they are less popular or simply older music tracks.

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Hits & Misses


  • accurate recognition of songs after a few seconds of playback
  • unlimited tagging capabilities


  • images and lyrics missing for some music tracks
Bottom Line

The app has a smooth feel to it thanks to the nice appearance and the fluent navigation inside the GUI.


Shazam works really fast and the results are quite accurate, but there are many songs that are not included in the database.


The app is careful with user data altogether, but it will require access to some secure areas of the system.


The impact on the system resources is a bit above moderate, but only while the app is being used for longer periods of time.


The service can be freely used and users can add as many tags as they please.


Well suited for Windows Phone 7.5 and higher handsets, Shazam doesn't have any special demands in order to run properly.

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Shazam For Microsoft Phone

Lucy Liu has joined the cast of Shazam 2 as villain Kalypso, Variety reports.

Kalypso is the sister of Hespera, the character Helen Mirren was announced to be playing in March. Both will be villains in the project, and neither have a clear link to characters from the pages of DC Comics. What we do know, however, is that both are daughters of the Titan, Atlas, from Greek mythology, and Atlas is one of the figures that Shazam derives his powers from.

Shazam, AKA Billy Batson, gets his abilities from a range of mythological characters – with 'Shazam' an acronym that spells out his powers and their source: Solomon's wisdom, Hercules' strength, Atlas' stamina, Zeus' power, Achilles' courage, and Mercury's speed. It looks like the sequel film will be leaning more heavily into the mythological basis of Billy's powers, especially as the movie is officially titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Shazam Su Microsoft

While 2019's Shazam ended with Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana meeting Mister Mind in prison, with Mirren and Liu part of the sequel, it looks like this particular plot thread won't be picked up in Shazam 2 – or if these characters do come back into play, it doesn't seem they'll be a major part of the storyline. There's also the mystery of West Side Story star Rachel Zegler's role, which is currently unknown.

David F. Sandberg is back to helm Shazam 2, with the main cast also returning: the sequel will see Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Zachary Levi as Billy's adult alter-ego Shazam, Jack Dylan Grazer as his pal Freddy Freeman, and the rest of Billy's foster family and their superhero alter-egos will also be back. Sandberg posted a tweet acknowledging this latest casting news, which featured Liu as her Kill Bill character, apparently brandishing Levi's head. It looks like Billy is going to have a formidable foe to face in the sequel, then.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is set for release June 2, 2023. It's not known yet how – or if – it will tie into Black Adam, which stars Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and is due for release July 29, 2022. A deleted scene from the first movie, which many misremember as the post-credits scene in a strange Mandela effect, hinted that Black Adam might cross paths with the Shazam family in the future.

Shazam For Win 10

While we wait for Shazam 2, check out how to watch DC movies in order to get up to speed.