Sky Go Hdmi

The free Sky Go Xbox One app lets you instantly watch Sky TV's vast coverage of movies, TV shows and sporting events from the comfort of your console. This is a great option if you quickly want to. To the best of my knowledge, Sky have disabled the HDMI output on the SkyGo app, as they see it as giving you free Multiroom otherwise. It would appear to be okay to watch on a small screen but not on a large one.

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Sky Go Hdmi Ipad

Test 4: iPad 3 and HDMI adaptor (not original). Sky Go is available on many mobile devices that have HDMI out, all three of our mobile devices have HDMI and have had Sky Go on them at one time or another, it looks like you have bought android.

Sky Go Su Hdmi

Hello there,
I have just discovered that sky.go application is able to 'hide' video when detects a tool like OBS is running in the system. That is technically awesome and I would like to understand how it does it and also scary because I cannot capture it either when using desktop capture!
So I have some ideas:
1. Recompile OBS using a different name and title and so on, so process is not recognizable (unfortunately it did not work; it is still able to hide it)
2. Running sky.go in a VM and capture from the host system (not done because I think it will not be qualitative)
3. Understand how sky.go does it with your expertise and improve OBS as well
EDIT: I think is somehow able to use some filtering from DirectShow but I just guess it, since I don't have video/audio knowledge.
Someone knows more about above?