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These routine tasks are on my to-do list, but I filter them out and they only show up at the end of the day when I need to see them. For the majority of the day, I do not need to see these tasks because they cannot be done until the end of the day and they act as little reminders to make sure I have done them. Build a habit of adding a task to Todoist in seconds. As the day goes on, review what you have to do using the Today view in the top left. Mark tasks as complete by clicking the circle to the left of the task or swiping the task from left to right on mobile. Finish everything, hit #TodoistZero, and enjoy your free time.

In a day 6 keys activities should be focused on no more or less than 6. Once the priority listing is done we should self discipline ourselves to not to move to the next task until we complete the task A in hand. There may be days where all 6 activities may not be completed by then the remaining activities are pushed over to the following day. Todoist monitors how many tasks are completed and gives karma points as rewards for accomplishing them. It can also display charts showing productivity trends, which are great for finding areas that need improvement and increasing your overall productivity. This feature is a great motivator and an effective way of tracking productivity. With Things, I can set both a deadline – a date when the task has to be completed by – and a schedule date – the day I want to complete it. This lets me preserve the due date of a task, but have it appear in my Today tab on the day I want to do it. With other task managers, such as Todoist, you have to set the due date as today.

Todoist is a great app for many reasons – but some of the features can be difficult to find.

Viewing completed tasks is one of those features that took me some time to figure out and I get asked how to view completed tasks from time to time.

You can watch this short video to see exactly how to do it – there are 2 main ways to see your completed tasks.

However, if you aren’t a premium user you are somewhat limited as you cannot see ALL completed tasks.

That shouldn’t stop you from using this great app though, and if you’re a productivity oriented person who likes to use the method of completed task review one a daily or weekly basis you should really ante up for the premium app – it’s a couple of dollars per month and well worth it.

July 09, 2020 by Galen Reed

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This user guide will help you if you have an application for daily task management.

Top 10 task management tools you can download in 2018
  • Wunderlist
  • Todoist.
  • Trello
  • Toodledo.
  • Things.
  • TickTick
  • Google keep.

Here Are The Tools We'll Cover


1. Click On

ClickUp offers you a powerful productivity platform and a personal task management tool with many integrations like Google Calendar and Slack.

ClickUp offers many powerful features, but you can customize the state and workspaces to use only what you need and set reminders when you need it.

Use ClickUp anywhere. Use the ClickUp app for your iOS / Android device, desktop application, and web application. ClickUp is always with you.

It is also great for storing information such as recipes, birthday scheduling, task management, or contact tracing for networking. Here are some great ways to use ClickUp in your life.

Here are some key features you can get for free using ClickUp as your personal productivity platform and to-do list app..

Other Useful Task List Functions For Teams

The bottom line is that it offers the features you would like to have for your task list and task management, as well as the ability to do more. Oh, and all these great features? Absolutely free. Why not? Use it as your main task management application, project management tool, or base application for your task list!

2. Todoist

A simple and elegant surface oriented to the tasks. Just enter the action you need to take, set a deadline, and it will remind you when your deadlines are fast approaching.

How do you keep track of your daily tasks?

An effective task app can help you keep track of your professional and personal tasks. Some task applications include Google Tasks, Todoist, Wunderlist, Any.DO, and Toodledo.

Todoist shows you the tasks to be completed today, tomorrow, and next week. For apps that focus on simple memories, this is great.

I entered the elements I wanted to find, then the application asked me to make them quickly. I have never tried to implement a large project in Todoist, but I do not need it for this. I need him to tell me when to check or pick up the laundry.

However, it’s nice thatTodoist is integrated into Google Calendar, so your tasks and events can be completed independently. This is the hard part of most mobile apps.

This is also great for everyday tasks like sharing a shopping list with your partner or sharing it with roommates.

Todoist suggested projects that I would like to add for shopping, personal use, or even movies that I would like to watch. This is a practical reminder that does not take time, but is a practical function.

Todoist shows you a history of tasks so you can see what you have done, and helps you set goals for every day to stay productive. You get karmic points when completing assignments and projects that give you a little more stimulus. It can also be transferred to the main task management application for your teams.

3. Think Of Milk

This task management application has been around for a long time and remains a good choice. The name speaks for itself - this is a place where you can put all your random ideas into one location. It's like getting milk after work or calling family members on their birthday. Simple thing

The Smart List function is really good, so you can write the details and deadlines in one line in a natural language. It also sends you SMS and Gmail notifications to set up the way you receive information.

Remember that Milk selects simple tags and smart lists in more formal “projects”, which I think are a good choice for a personal application like this. Examples of tags are workers, private or bananas. In other words, you can create tags for everything.

Remember that The Milk has limited many of its core features to a premium version, such as B. Subtasks or receiving mobile notifications. Many of these things can be obtained for free in a regular task management tool. If you like the user interface or are already in the Remember The Milk universe, updating is probably a good idea.

4. Google Keep

What is the best task manager app for iPhone?

  • Things 3.
  • We do.
  • OmniFocus 2.
  • 2Do.
  • Todoist.
  • Think about milk.
  • Any.Do.
  • Latin.

  • Recently, I asked a friend about the list of applications used, and he mentioned Google Keep. It surprised me because I was usingI use Google Keep only as an application for creating notes, and not as a personal to-do list.

    However, this makes sense in many ways, especially if you spent most of your life using a pen and paper. The situation is similar, but with faster formatting. You can name your list, save it and use it later.

    You can also set reminders (I have to do this ...) and return to notes or other items later. In this scenario, color-coded labels serve as 'tags.'

    Well, if ... you participate in the Google App Store or in the Android world. It integrates perfectly with collaboration tools that you probably already use to organize your life. It is also a native part of every Android phone.

    5. TeuxDeaux

    This to-do app is new to me (Neaux?), but it looks cool. It is well designed, with large bold fonts, but in a clean, non-floral way.

    Tasks are organized weekly and display the highest priority tasks that you must complete for each day of the week. Also easy to moveWrite tasks from calendars and lists and vice versa.

    Here is the good part: if the task is not completed in one day, it simply moves on to the next day. This is amazing and very logical.

    Export Todoist Tasks

    You can quickly add recurring tasks. Thus, you do not need to rewrite the same thing every day or plan every day. It is also beautiful.

    Anything else? Teaux-Deaux is called the “design” app on the App Store, which means it's suitable for creative types. One way is to add markdowns to your tasks. This means that you can use bold or underline if you need more pressure.

    6. Things

    Things use a minimalist approach and give a lot of free space to add details to your projects or tasks. You start with a large list, then add smaller items below it.

    It's like planning a big event - like a vacation - and doing a few things to prepare. As a task manager, this allows more nesting and helps break it down into several categories. Advantages The heading is that you can move all tasks, mark them completed, or change the due dates.

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    Here's the thing: It also has a magic button, which is not as great as it seems, but it’s still a convenient way to add tasks, regardless of the category into which they fall. When you use headlines, Things have nice visual cues to show you progress - and how much work you have left.

    Todoist Task That Cannot Be Completed Using

    Things Are Functioning

    7. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is beautiful and seems affordable. It has more visual cues than typical to-do list software in a modern format.

    It’s also easy to share a list of tasks and responsibilities with your partner, family or colleagues to optimize your life. The slogan is 'synchronize your life.' This is a promise that everyone can leave behind.

    Want to know what they are doing? Wunderlist slowly moves around the project management area with assignments, file storage, and even note features that make it a combination of Evernote, Google Keep, and simplified management projects.

    Microsoft also acquired Wunderlist and created Microsoft To-Do (see below). It doesn't make much sense, so don't invest too much in it.

    Wunderlist Features:

    8. TickTick

    Todoist task that cannot be completed using

    TickTick first leverages the performance of traditional task management in the application interface. TickTick offers more complete features such as location reminders, voice input and real-time data synchronization on all platforms to keep you up to date.

    You can also share lists that your team can use in a production environment if you need a small program that does not contain all the bells and whistles. Your calendar makes it easy to assign and manage new tasks at specific times of the day.

    9. Todledo

    10th Bear

    Think of the Bear as your primary online to-do list software that responds to the note taking app. It’s convenient to add checklists, add details about your tasks and make detailed notes if necessary.

    Their hashtag functionality unitestasks, notes and files. You do not need to worry about putting your tasks in the right place with this feature.


    Bear, you can manage as you wish and create lists for certain simple tasks. If you need to add a few terms, Bear may be for you.

    11. Microsoft Tasks

    This is from the creators of Wunderlist, but a little different. In fact, it integrates with Office 365 and gives you access to part of the final performance package.


    Best feature? In the focus list “My Day” you will find exactly what you need to do. They are organized not only by time, but also by color marking.

    12. Evernote

    Evernote is


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    to do app


    Repeating Tasks Todoist

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